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Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Do Me Like to Go Today?

Everyone who reads entries here on Yanko knows that I, Chris Burns, even though born in the USA and aboding here my whole life, speak and write English terribly! I don’t do it without intention though! So I titled this entry as it is because this thang we’re talking about is called “Mee-go!” It’s a personal map and communication device. It’s made for “tweens” like Miley, but I want to need to got to have it.

Check it out. As the designer Jesse Newton explains it, the amount of fear parents have for the safety of their children has risen over the last few generations disproportionally to the crime rate. It’s still safe on da streets. But because children are over-protected, maybe, possibly, it just might be, that their amount of playing, walking home, skateboarding, etc has dropped in accordance. And kids are getting obese.

So what the Mee-go does is provide the kids with a map. With this map, (GPS even,) I thee shred. They can tear up the streets without getting lost, anywhere in the city, anywhere in the world!

And then when they get their skateboard run over by a car, they can send a message home for a ride! But in order to increase kids handwriting skills, the Mee-go is a writing pad ONLY! No texting here! You’d better be legible. Or if you can’t write, learn to illustrate. Pretty kitty!


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