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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alternative Clothes Cleaner : Washing Machine Which Allow You to Sit On It

How about the future homes having a dedicated room just for washers and dryers? Designed by Harsha Vardhan from New Delhi, India, this Alternative Clothes Cleaner is a conceptual washing machine which doubles up as a large seat. It has two modes of operation, active and passive, though both allow you to sit atop the unit. No detergent or water is required, as either — the inner chamber acts as a pressure washer and also cleans the clothes with ionized air which means no drying, too. So one unique way to conserve water when the same would be in less quantity.

Excellent Furniture for Primary School Children by Simon Dennehy

With all the competition going on in the outside world to do their best, the only ones who are being affected is our kids. With all the heavy books that they are burdened with and also long studying hours that they have at home is putting more and strain on them. Irish designer Simon Dennehy has come up with an excellent furniture for primary school children, who takes care of their correct posture, chair height. To have a healthy back, posture is very important and would reduce problems like poor digestion, nausea, headaches and bad circulation, which arises because of incorrect posture.Perch is the result of a two year research MA in Industrial Design with the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland by Simon Dennehy. The results show that it is impractical to design a chair for primary school students, without considering the desk as an item of equal importance. The main objective of the project is to encourage students to sit and work in a much higher position.
The seat and backrest benefit from ventilated slots throughout. This reduces weight, increases user comfort and creates a visually stimulating aesthetic for the students of today. The chair’s simple yet effective height mechanism prevents accidental release and requires the student to stand to adjust the height. The chair’s legs protrude from back, while incorporating a footrest. This allows the student complete freedom of leg movement. The front wings at either side of the seat are completely flexible. This patented design prevents build up of pressure under the student’s legs, while the resistive feedback encourage the students to continually move their legs playfully, increasing blood flow and muscle use.
The desk profile incorporates an elbow rest, where students can perch themselves during task work. This decreases load on their mid-sections. The profile, from co-extruded hollow-section polycarbonate, incorporates a soft rubberised working surface (in orange). This provides a warm tactile surface that can resist abuse, prevent books from slipping, and can be easily cleaned. A storage trough, at the rear of the desk, includes a book ledge for when students are copying from text books. An accessories tray hooks onto the desk edge and is replaceable with a Lego base, or arts and crafts palette. This “hot-swap” system is developable, and makes task change-over much faster, and tidier.

New Bambini Adjustable Chair for Babies to Adults

The designer Toshimitsu Sasaki has designed a new quality chair for the whole family. He has named his design as New Bambini which is an adjustable chair fit every one from a baby to adults. The best thing about this design is the ease with which it can be adjusted/converted. The chair of course is very comfortable for any person of any size or height. The ability of chair to rotate at length while also being used as a rocking horse for the little one is just awesome! Thus, it should be a hit with all ages.

Luxury Aircraft Interior by BBDC

Now travel with class, style and luxury with the all-new aircraft. The aircraft has been designed with a complete new look of style and sophistication. With this new design materials used you will get the ultimate luxury and comfort while traveling. Even after the travel there would not be any kind of tiredness as the seats are designed in a manner to give comfort to the passengers. Given a color of classiness and sophistication which is white you feel the king of the world, you can easily move you chair towards the back and lie down as the headrest is also given you would have the fluffiness of that of a pillow. So now get ready to rule in the world of your dreams.

Penta Pendant Lamp by Luca Casarotto

Penta pendant lamp can change the look of your living room totally. “Penta” is designed by Italian designer, Luca Casarotto, during Foscarini Lab workshop by Foscarini. Penta can provide light to every requirement. Once opened, it offers an elegant chiaroscuro light texture with different shades and rotary motion. Its shades can change 15 sides in a pure active optic chiasm. This Pendant Lamp is a plain light source that can light up anything you want when closed. It is made up of solely recycled polyethylene flat components. Have a romantic evening with penta pendant lamp.

Tetra Transforms Breakable Foil of Wood Into Flexible Materials

TETRA is a new ecological product that transforms a thin and breakable foil of wood into incredible strong and flexible materials, without modifying the complexity and the sense of touch of its nature. Table is one of the best example to have a real experience with the new material. The rounded shape is a good geometrical concept to break the ordinary and to use the flexible applications of TETRA. TETRA is Gualeni way to introduce the products and to invite everyone to think outside the box and to be extraordinary.

Daniele loves the sense of touch of these materials, the possibility to flex it and to use it to break the concept of planar surface (especially when we think about wood or a mirror we think about a rigid plane). The structure of TETRA is realized in rotational molding process, 100% LDPP. TETRA is easy to re-cycle, you have less than the 0.5% of the product in different materials. The film on the TOP is 100% ecologically friendly, easily removed and to be re-used. Obviously, TETRA is still looking out for a producer.

Mobile Bar Furniture by Isay Winefield

Compact and moveable bar is pretty great idea isn’t it ? Designed by Isay Winefield, a Brazil based architect whose portfolio includes diverse projects right from set designs to furniture pieces, the mobile bar displays his signature style of clean and straight lines. The interesting part of the design is that the boxes are sized for specific functions, and all being strategically placed in the hidden drawers. So it’s minimum on occupied area and maximum on output. So what ever be the occasion, rest assured the mini bar will call the shots!

WoonBox : A Shower, Toilet, and A Kitchen in A Box

The new concept designed by Dutch designers Arthur Rottier and Peter Jongman can be defined in one word as “refreshing”. They call it WoonBox and it is revolutionary in combining the basic necessities which are identified in regular household. This device has a shower, toilet and a kitchen in a compact box like structure. Apart from being chic, it is mobile, mechanized and easy to set up. This makes it perfect for offices, parks as well as for locations wherever temporary set up is required. So surely it is a brilliant idea which takes care of all your basic needs.Designed to serve as temporary residence in places where permanent homes are difficult to locate, Woonbox can be set-up in spaces like offices and parks as makeshift measures. Woonbox would also come in handy for the poor and homeless as well as the class of populace that cannot afford large permanent establishments.
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