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Monday, March 21, 2011

Meditating on Cell Phone Power

From Industrial Designer Clara Zamboni from the University of Buenos Aires comes this handheld meditation power converter. Imagine Bruce Lee, trapped in the three-door-room after his nun-chuck fight on the island, just sitting there, meditating on his next move. He could have totally been charging his cellphone while he was just chillin! Twiddling thumb.

Using Nonogenerators, (link kindly provided by Clara Zamboni*), this device called Lotus is able to convert the energy you create by spinning its thumb pad into energy your cell phone can use as power. Simple and nice, naturally shaped to the contour of your hand, made to fit simply into your life.

*For all you design submitting peoples out there, it is always very helpful to explain the technologies you use in your concepts like this- a link to a credible source. This way the people who already know what it is can skip, and the people who do not can learn! Thank you Clara for being extra helpful!


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