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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Magic Stone Phone

What do you want? The perfect phone. How do you get it? Magic! It’s the “Magic Stone” telephone. It’s any shape you want it, it’s any color you want it. Within reason, cripes! You order the phone up, it’s sent you you in the mail, and wah-la! There you have it! Also it’s got not only a touch-screen, a holographic display, constant internet access, storage space, games, and it’s charged wirelessly or by sunlight, intercepted by it’s outer case. Enough?

“Absolutely any shape” is what you can accomplish with this phone, as well as any color, patterning, pictures, etc. for the case. This case is also covered with a “nano material” converting the sunlight into the energy your phone needs to function. The phone can also be charged wirelessly with electromagnetic fields.

Sound alright so far?

The big screen is a holograph projector (ala Star Wars) created by a series of lasers. The lasers can read motion within their field, allowing additional functionality. This is what we call “going there” so that one day, others may “go there” – not just in concept, but irl.


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