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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The EBIQ Electric Bike Can Charge Personal Electric Gadgets

The key purpose of the EBIQ Electric Bike concept is to complement the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 unlike traditional cars or motorcycles and offering a battery powered bicycle to ensure convenient short distance commuting in city/metro areas. To make it even more functional, the bike enables the rider to charge their laptop, cellphone and other personal electric gadgets. Moreover, the built-in screen at the steering can provide direct access to the user’s laptop to gain necessary information at any moment. To make it space efficient, all the extended components can be folded down, resulting the bike to fit in narrow spaces.


Andrew Smith said...

is EBIQ available now in the market? im trying to search for same battery pack that this bike used but thers no luck on where to buy it. if you have some useful information please email me at maryjiel[at]gmail.com


Smith | stethoscopes

Mens24 said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.. ..


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