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Friday, January 21, 2011

Braille Budy Helps Visually Impaired People Learning How To Read and Write Braille

One of the issues when dealing with visually impaired is the drop in Braille Literacy. I’m sure we are all agree that voice synthesizers in computers and cellphones with aided technology for the blind are really helpful, but it also replaces the need for braille education. As a result the desire for literacy in children is dropping and their grammar and vocabulary lacks competence. New educational tools are needed to help the visually impaired learning Braille in better ways. No products are available today for the transition from the learning of the Braille cell to the standard Braille keyboard which is the most difficult stage of Braille literacy. The challenge was to not only encourage Brailleeducation but also to create a bridge between reading and writing by making the transition from Braille cell to keyboard more intuitive.

Braille Buddy is a 2-phase learning device that aids the visually impaired in learning Braille. It is designed to teach students how to read and write by understanding the Braille cell and the standard Braille keyboard. The moving handles enable the transition of two phases: the Braille cell and Braille keyboard. When closed, the handles where the buttons are located work as the Braille cell, and when opened up, they work as Braille keyboard. Audio feedback assists user through each stage of learning in both Phase 1 and Phase 2, providing them with phonetic learning as well as quizzes to check understanding. The Braille keyboard is a standard format that most products for the visually impaired use, therefore, its understanding is crucial for writing Braille.


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