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Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Your Pet Recharge Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier

Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier was designed to complete the task about creating a hybrid energyhumidifier when Yuan Gu was a junior student of Beihang University, China. Two important elements in this project were eco friendly and energy saving. This concept humidifier works in 2 modes: Standard and Hybrid. In Standard mode, this humidifier works by getting its power from external electric sources. This is the common way of using the humidifier, in this case the “hybrid” element is not in use. In Hybrid mode, Wool Ball works by getting its power from integratedbattery. To recharge the battery, you can just plug the cable or roll it. As this device rolls, it emits a sound while the generator inside re-charges the battery. You can use it as a toy for your pet, it could be really fun.


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