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Friday, January 21, 2011

Eight Finalists Of Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Design Competition

Electrolux design lab has announced the eight finalists of their design competition 2010 that was focused on creative solutions for compact future living. Industrial design students throughout the world has submitted their innovative ideas on preparing and storing food, washing cloths and do dishes, and here you can see the 8 finalists.

1. The Kitchen Hideaway by Daniel Dobrogorsky

Think of a food, and get it served. The kitchen hideaway gives user the opportunity to visualize a food and transmit it to the robotic chefs located in a distinguished place who will prepare the meal with real ingredients. This concept diminishes the need of individual kitchen in every house of a communal buildings and thus, saves a lot of space.

2. The Snail by Peter Alwin

Cooking on the go. The snail concept is a compact and versatile cooking device that can be attached directly on to a pan, a pot, a mug, etc. to heat the content through magnetic induction process. Empowered by high density sugar crystal battery, this concept lessens the amount of space needed for conventional cooking while giving ultimate portability.

3. Elements Modular Kitchen by Matthew Gilbride

Kitchen shelving becomes more efficient. A range of individual units creates a complete solution for cooking, air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting and environmental design, powered by solar energy through wireless technology applied in the wall which minimizes the space required as well.

4. Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev

Instead of conventional shelves, this innovative refrigerator concept contains odorless and non sticky biopolymer gel which cools the food through luminescence. Adaptability is another notable factor, you can use this refrigerator both vertically and horizontally, even you can hang it on the ceiling. Sounds weird, right?

5. Clean Closet by Michael Edenius

How about your closet cleans your cloths? Clean closet concept can scan textiles for impurities and clean them accordingly through molecular technology that can efficiently remove dirt and odors from cloths.

6. Dismount Washer by Lichen Guo

By combining the laundry basket and cleaning vessel into a compact and stylish capsule, dismount washerconcept takes very small amount of space and can be hanged on the wall for enhanced interior aesthetics.

7. External Refrigerator by Nicolas Hubert

With pure and simple shape and finish, external refrigerator can be directly fixed on the outside wall of buildings and perfectly elaborate the northern Chinese lifestyle by providing the right temperature to the food through transmitting the external temperature at night and during cold seasons. This concept uses solar energy, thus reduces the consumption of electricity and complements to the environment as well.

8. Eco Cleaner by Ahi Andy Mohsen

From the perception of supplying future foods in the form of capsules, eco cleaner portable dishwasher and composter concept features a capsule like shape and the ability to ionize food through ultrasonic waves and turn it into reusable waste.


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