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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Architecture Designs

JS Bach Chamber Music Hall by Zaha Hadid Architects

The JS Bach Chamber Music Hall is a brilliant concept design installed at Manchester Art Gallery in order to house musical performances. The hall is built on a steel structure covered with a transparent fabric membrane suspended form the ceiling which divides and encloses the space aside from creating a stage, area for audience and passages for in and out of the hall. Above the stage, clear and acrylic panes are suspended, offering perfect disperse and reflect of sound. A massive ribbon swirls within the hall is carving out a visual and spatial response to the obscure relationships of Bach’s harmonies. Since the ribbon staggers above the performer and cascades into the ground along with wraps around the listeners, the original box shaped room is quite absent, rather, only fluid spaces are visible that are swelling, slipping and merging through one another. The design surely will enhance the diversity of Bach’s work via a coherent structural and formal logic integration.
MercuryHouseOne : Solar Powered Mobile Lounge Gallery

Mobile phones, mobile homes, mobile office or mobile hedges, all these terms are already known to most of us. Mercury House One is an innovative concept of a mobile lounge, which is surely unique and useful in the modern mobile era. The house is actually a potable pod-shaped lounge and as per the designers, it will be first launched this September at the Venice Biennale. Whether you put it into the nature or in the heart of a busy city, this curvaceous capsule can offer you a unique experience by powered with solar panels and equipped with latest lighting, sound technologies and video.
tubiQ is A Modular Concept That Combines A Boat and A Living Area

tubiQ is a concept water home that sets a new living standard on water by turning the concept into a traditional home that can float and navigate on water. This concept demonstrates a stylish living in the classical sense with all the required facilities and presents a new dimension of innovative vision. tubiQ is a completely modifiable water home where people can live in which way they want and wherever they want. Built with aluminum and fiberglass, this sturdy construction provides ultimate functionality with comprehensive safety from harsh sea weather. As a vacation residence, this floating home will be undoubtedly considered unparallel among all range of people.


Vinay Kiran said...

Wonderful boat design, and the tree, its amazing. Is it real or just a photoshop work? Are there any automotive designs with you?

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