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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4WD Future Technology

4WD Quark Peugeot’s Futuristic Quad Prototype

Let’s take a look at peugeot’s futuristic prototype two-seater. This 4WD Quark has removable interactive interface, innovative PDA concept, still serves the same purpose as ignition key which combine with instrument panel. 4WD Quark is also protected with small transparent and waterproof cover. Enough said, this 4WD Quark prototype has competed successfully at Michelin Bibendum challenge.The vehicle create its own class in four wheeler, which actually similar with 4WD machines that are selling so well in America at present, yet created low-emission inner-urban fuel-cell vehicle. To drive each of four 17″ diameter wheels, this 4WD Quark is using electric motor which connected to the chassis by means of triangular wishbones.
ATV 4WD Concept Vehicle by Marcos Ignacio Madia

The ATV concept comprises several innovative features that change the typical configuration of this kind of vehicles. The unique design of this vehicle’s bodywork has been done in a ways that provides more space to charge. The main goal of designing this vehicle is to generate a new type of all-terrain vehicle that can work with a wide range of users for a variety of purposes. Keeping this idea in mind, the designers have crafted this sport type vehicle that can perform as a full functional ATV. The brilliant visual appearance and versatility of performance has made this vehicle a different one from the traditional ATV line.

Bowler Raptor 4WD Vehicle Design is Powered by Lithium-Titanate Batteries

Raptor is an extreme all-terrain vehicle designed for the British brand Bowler, features unique exposed chassis, a whole electric drivetrain and minimal bodywork to run up to 130mph and was inspired by the vehicles that compete in the Baja and Dakar rallies. Although the design contains the elements of a traditional four-wheel drive vehicle, it also incorporates echo-conscious materials and modern-day technology to create an exceptional off-road buggy.

The angular bodywork of this vehicle takes inspiration from both superbikes and modern architecture which results this unique vehicle, from both in aesthetic aspects and highly functional body panel mechanism. The body panels are independently attached onto the vehicle with hex-head bolts and can be replaced easily when damaged. The tires were designed to form a contrast by combining digital technology and dune buggy paddle tires, and both the alloys and tires are interlocked to create a strong image.


Vinay Kiran said...

Very sophesticated designs. Do they really make into the road?

Mens24 said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.. ..


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