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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Architecture Designs

The Museum of Ephemera: Interior Design of the Museum of Wellington City and Sea by Nazia Kachwalla

Museum of Ephemera is redesigned version of Museum of Wellington City and Sea which has been crafted keeping the historic components of the existing building and modern facilities in mind. The recently modernized historic Board Room as well as the original staircase was turned into place holders which shows the new intervention. The designer not only emphasized on the historic elements of the existing building, but also the role of the building over its historic period was kept intact during the challenging renovation of this building to obtain a strong position in the modern world.

Feel The Samoo Style in Teakwondo Park World Headquarters

Teakwondo ‘One’ is a concept design for Teakwondo Park World Headquarters which is actually a beautifully landscaped and wisely organized woodlands, valleys and natural streams. Moreover, the park associated building complexes are designed to be a world cultural heritage center highlighting the beauty, sport and spirit of Teakwondo as well as the Korean culture. The designer has envisioned various complexes inside the Park such as the Teakwondo Promotion Foundation, Korean Teakwondo Federation, World Teakwondo Federation, World Teakwondo Headquarters, CISM Teakwondo Committee Headquarters, Myungingwan, Teakwonjeon, visitor and exhibition centers, a sports arena, premier lodging and training facility and most of all, a cultural tourist spot for visitors.
Roca Zero Gravity by Oliver Pecharroman

Roca Zero Gravity is a futuristic and innovative way of experiencing the space traveling that are intended to be available for all in near future. This completely new experiences will raise the attraction of reliving these moments by making a desirable relaxing atmosphere. The main goal of this concept is to transmit the feelings of the space and instantly make you overlook about the outside chaos by putting you in a pure serenity condition into the ambience of your own bathroom. The unique and main feature of this room is the space like floating experience, but what makes the capsule exceptional is that you can get the chance to feel the space before leaving the earth.

Water Building Resort Design Was Inspired by The Form of a Drop of a Water

The water building resort has been conceptually and architecturally designed in the shape of a water drop and intends to be the world’s first building that can convert air into water by using solar energy. The technique is nothing but a combination of technology and nature. A photovoltaic glass made southerly facing facade will harness the required solar energy and let light to pass through. Conversely, the northern façade includes a latticed ventilation design and utilizes Teex Micron equipment to convert humid air into pure drinking water through condensation. Moreover, the bottom floor of this resort complex will have a water treatment zone for purifying rain water and salty sear water and a technological investigation center to control and verify water quality.

Aqualis Mooring Concept by Andrew Bedov

Aqualis is a concept mooring, an innovative replacement of the 15 moorings located in the center of Moscow. The closed spatial scheme has movement of passengers and inside, there are open spaces for relax, zones with countless sofas, café and a library, and the left part contains an open viewing platform. The décor of the entire structure has been enhanced with the horizontal and vertical beams that divides the inside platform space. The smoothly designed interior as well as the entrance of this mooring will be appreciated by all range of people. This concept, with huge usable space inside, provides full freedom of movement.
First Commercial Spaceport in The World is Located at New Mexico

Spaceport America is the first commercial spaceport in the world located at New Mexico with hanger and terminal facility aiming to launch individual citizens into space for profit. This taxpayer-funded project worth around $200 million comprises a 10,000-foot runway to fly the airplane with the spacecraft that will break free into 62 miles of space before returning to the base. The flights are designed to last around two hours including 5 minutes of gravity free condition. Seems like science fiction? Around 250 people are ready to pay $200,000 each for a trip during early next year. What do you think now?


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