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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Light Designs

Drop Macro Lamp for Your Living Room

If you are looking for the latest in photography then macro photos is a must. It is the latest entrant in the photography world. It is the kind that is unique and unusual. The idea for the Macro photos came from the waves and the movement of water. This was further made use of in creating an illumination object. The direction and liquidity got in these photos is amazing. When you look at them you feel as though there are drops of water on the photo. Three dimensional effects add to the realistic impact of the photo. It is multi-faceted. You can use it as a bookcase as well as have a lamp with drops on top.

Shade : A Lamp Shade That Act as The Lamp Itself

SHADE is a lamp shade that has been designed in an innovative way to act as the lamp itself. It brings a new lifestyle to an iconic form with a tuxedo-like formal appearance. The shade incorporates 28 bulbs fitted on its edge along with stainless steel button head cap that screwed with the silver studs and cuff links. This brilliant lamp shade is a low voltage fixture that uses aircraft aluminum body in order to conduct electricity to the highly efficient 12V/10W, high color rendering and long life Xenon Festoon bulbs. SHADE is available in three different meticulously finished colors with catalyzed acrylic enamel: white, torch red and silver metallic. Moreover, it can be dimmed fully and comes with magnetic transformer located remotely or in the included canopy which can be mounted easily to a standard junction box.
“Power of Life” Adjustable Conceptual Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Power of Life is a unique and adjustable light fixture concept that is to be mounted on the ceiling and is made of wood, clay and rubber hose. The main inspiration behind the project was to demonstrate the catastrophic events in human life that can be dynamically changed by environment. The concept is envisioned to be hanged from the roof with strong rope and length of the concept can be adjusted from 180cm to 240 cm considering the floor height. The innovative design and pure white color of this fixture will boost your home’s interior and at the same time, will let the user to realize the positive impact of nature.


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