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Saturday, March 12, 2011

TEN11 Sports Car Is Inspired By Kite Boarding

TEN11 is an extreme sports car design proposal for Bentley. This project is collaboration between Miika Heikkinen and EXA (A company specializing on virtual air tunnel testing). The name TEN11 itself came from Bentley logo which has ten feathers on the left and eleven on the right side. This futuristic sports car is aimed to be a low emission vehicle with its 4 electric hub motors located in each wheels. Combined with the lightweight body structure, ecological materials, and low CDF will bring the emissions down.

The main idea of TEN11 design came from kite boarding. All elements related to kite boarding starting from: wind, water, nature, speed, and equipment are the main inspiration for this sports car design. In order to create a large luggage even when TEN11 is smaller than the current GT, Miika has combined the wheel hub technology with the traditional long bonnet design. It doesn’t look like a vicious sports car to me. It looks more like a luxurious sports car, maybe because all details in this car are based on feather/wing theme.


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