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Saturday, March 12, 2011

EKON : Futuristic Interactive City Coupe 2+2 By Thomas Pinel

EKON lights up to welcome you, literally! This interactive city coupe 2+2 is designed with electro chromatic glass that changes its opacity from tinted to clear by pressing a remote control or fingerprint reader behind the glazing above the doors. Thomas Pinel, the designer of this car was inspired by organic forms when he designed the interior, you can tell from leaves shaped OLED screens on the instrument panel. He also says that the seat covers are made of green fabric, aluminum for switches and steering wheel. This futuristic car is capable to send messages to other drivers or pedestrians by displaying graphical messages on its body, hopefully it will improve the traffic to prevent accident instead of distracting other drivers, or starting a road rage by mocking others through its display.From Thomas:

“The EKON is an interactive city coupe 2+2, powered by an electric engine in each wheels. This result for the Ekon by a unique package and proportions (H. 1300 W.1770 L.3940).

The Ekon turn on like a notebook. It lights up, the main screen of electro chromatic glass changes opacity from tinted to clear and the interior appears, welcoming the driver and passengers – Only by pressing a remote control or by touching the fingerprint reader behind the glazing above the doors. In the mean while, the top and doors move up and backseats can flip ahead to ease the access to rears seats.”

“The interior theme is inspired by the idea of efficiency of nature and organic forms. The OLED screens shaped as leaves come out from the instrument panel. Materials chosen remind home interiors with warm wood planks on the dashboard, Aluminum for switches and steering wheel, Green fabric for seats covers and black and white Glossy surfaces for back seat, door panels and boxes.”


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