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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silbervogel Gravity Racing Car by Jakob Hirzel

The Silbervogel is a gravity racing car without engine, designed for the Xtreme Gravity Series in Irvine, California. The aim of this design was to catch the spirits of tradition, innovation and competition. The flowing language of the main body breathes the air of legendary Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Divided in a transparent lower shell and a silver top part with its sweeping glass band running from the nose to the back, the racing car seems to hover a few inches over the road.

Bionic shapes and intelligent material user – the Silbervogel demonstrates very innovative engineering competence. The load bearing carbon structure is designed exactly for the physical forces during the race and therefore extremely light and rigid. This goes for the slim rims as well.

The spirit of competition is the father of this extreme racing vehicle. Each detail has been optimized for lowest resistance. This also applies to the main body shape. Polished aerodynamics is important, especially for gravitation racecars. That’s why the Silbervogel is fully encased.


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