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Monday, March 7, 2011

Palette-Digital Artist for Visual Art

Paint goes into digital is nothing new, but this palette-digital will give a new standard in digitally painting. Use your fingers, no more mouse and keyboard, feel and touch your digital canvas and palette the same way as you use ordinary canvas and palette, but this time the result will automatically sync with your PC.

The basic idea of the design background is the passion of human activities in visualizing graphic and colors trough basic painting activity. How the conservative ways and behavior are blended with digital-modern tools and people are brought into the basic feeling and sensing their old-fashion style in producing visual onto a media in term of digital life style.

Palette is a hardware system design concept that designated for digital artist, painter, design visualizer and people with passion in visual arts. The system were designed based on the background of basic painting behavior and its physiology activities. Palette is designed to have connectivity with other devices such main PC system, Main monitor or other wireless peripherals. connectivity between them are wireless and the user interface screen surface of the palette is using photo-optic visual sensor with color recognition as its main advantage.

The innovative value of palette is its capability to recognize analog color into digital format and the concept of special computer which in the way of hardware and software structure are made specially for graphic-visual work.
Palette’s physical form analogy is taken from wooden palette and reflect the concept of mix-figuratives form between ‘digital’ and ‘analog’; classic meets modernity. The whole design are surfaced with black reflection glass-illuminating looks which combined with wooden coloring and texture in minor parts. The present and mix of black reflection and wooden fixtures emerge classy-modern status which based on the aesthetical concept of “conservative meets digital”. Hm…the words “conservative meets digital”, I couldn’t agree more.


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