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Monday, March 7, 2011

Canvas PC Concept by Kyle Cherry

Overview of Design:
Canvas emulates traditional design techniques to allow digital and non-digital designers and artist to have an increased level of quality and productivity in their work.

Canvas is designed to be sleek and stylish to match the designer it was meant for.

Technical Aspects:
The screen will be OLED based and backlit by ultra-thin LEDs to keep the thickness of the screen down. The toolbars on the sidebars will be displayed by electronic ink to conserve battery life. The screen will be covered in glass and the remainder will be made of aluminum. This will allow the PC to be recycled when the time comes.

Scenarios of Use:
Canvas is designed to be used like “paper”, or an advanced tablet, and then be transformed for traditional PC uses.

User Interface:
The toolbars and auxiliary information are displayed separately on the sidebars allowing the workspace to be completely blank. This keeps the main screen dedicated as a workspace with nothing to inhibit the users productivity.


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