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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jaguar C-XS Concept Car With Ability To Change Its Shape and Style

The Jaguar C-XS concept car can intelligently tailor the needs of a driver by changing its shape and style in two different modes. The Saloon Mode features a higher roofline, allowing four people to seat in a comfortable manner. Alternatively, when it is in Sport Mode, the car folds the rear seats and lowers the driver’s seat to give it a sportier feel and appearance. Moreover, the interior of the car changes in this mode by rearranging the air vents, placing a large grill, changing the headlight’s shape and pushing back the roofline to make it lower. The Elastomeric Material made canopy of the car holds a frame underneath, which allows the roof to change its shape and a strong electric current flow makes it as sturdy as aluminium. Besides, the car will give the owner a sense of individuality and style depending on what the key holder is wearing. The key scans its surrounding are and accordingly changes colour into the most dominant one.


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