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Friday, March 11, 2011

Collapsible Bicycle Concept by Blair Hasty

The collapsible bicycle concept designed by Blair Hasty was primarily designed as a vehicle for daily transport usage. Featured in the 2004 International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan the concept has the pedals shifted to behind the driver so the overall weight transfers from the lower back to forearms and pelvic bone and the posture while the rider is prostrate while riding the bike. The designer has utilized the space by placing a large bag at the creating thus creating storage space for the rider. Also to add on it is collapsible and the bag comes handy then. So no need to look for parking space, take it straight to your workstation, plus it is healthier for your body by using bicycle for daily activities.
It began by keeping the product parameters in as general a terms as possible so as not to limit myself creatively. I then commenced with the researching of existing bicycle commuters to try and understand what they liked and disliked about it. From there I went on to conduct some local surveying of non-bikers. In doing this I learned of several key problems that could be solved through better design. These concerns included lack of storage capacity, poor positioning, and size and bulk of the conveyance. I feel that after hundreds of hours of thought and months of hard work that my proposed solution resolves these issues
I began my design by solving the problem of user posturing. In traditional bike designs the rider’s feet are underneath them causing their torso to hunch forward in order to reach the handles. This results in unnecessary strain on the lower back, arms, and buttocks, not to mention poor aerodynamics. As illustrated I resolved these issues by moving the position of the pedals behind the rider and moving some of the pressure of their body weight onto the front of the hip bones, using a broad front section of the seat and onto their forearms with supports protruding from the handles. The new riding position helped solve the storage problem by freeing up plenty of useable space beneath the rider. In this newly acquired gap I decided to suspend a large bag for cargo. And as for the storage of the bicycle, after the destination has been reached and the cargo contained within the bag has been removed, it can be expanded and the bike can be folded and placed inside.


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