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Saturday, March 12, 2011

BlitzenBenz Organic Racing Car Responds like Human Nerve System

BlitzenBenz concept racing car has been designed in a new way of challenging the global issues keeping the long lived racing heritage of Mercedes intact. The shape and pattern of the concept comprises various innovative technologies like liquid armor and a military application operated Kevlar armor that can strengthen the car by applying pressure on its organic parts to turn into different shapes. Not only that, with the development of the nanotechnology, many more organic parts can be genetically included with the car that will respond like human bodies react with the nerve system.

The horizontal tube like structure of BlitzenBenz was designed to visually look and acts like a vase where plants grow in. The lighting idea was inspired by bioluminescent that can be found in deep sea creatures and the wheels are individually held by the organic structure with in-wheel motors that would open whenever it requires just like a plant blossoms to get sunlight or water. A hydrogen tank is located in the side pocket of the car that can give the vehicle a visual impression of recycling water throughout the entire vehicle.


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