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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Unique Way To Combine The Sea And Its Vessels With Contemporary European Architecture Into Something More Than A Shipyard

Motion Code: Blue is an industrial design studio which emphasis on yacht design. Now they have extended their areas of operation to another design discipline: they offer architectural concepts and their development until the implementation planning. The Taiwan Shipyard is their latest creation. The design has been developed on an existing u-shaped hall and production building for yachts. The task from its customer was to add an office building, green, and recreational spaces as well as a contemporary European architecture inspired showroom. Another part of the briefing was that the building should have landmark-like characteristics. The office building was designed in such a way, that not only it closes the u-shaped halls optically, but also adds a floating appearance to the whole building. The office building has been designed to house VIP areas, meeting rooms, offices for employees and CEOs, terraces, a yoga room and language course facilities. The whole structure is supported by 2 infrastructure cores and columns, this part of the yard is both remarkable and functional.

Underneath this structure, the design team has planned a kitchen area and facilities as well as staff restaurants and a cafeteria. The entrance area that connects the showroom with the VIP-areas is very representative, it offers a remarkable experience due to the information, interaction, and recreation all customers can enjoy. The showroom is the heart of the building complex. It has been designed as a neutral room and has a museum character, in order to attract the interest of the clients on the beautiful vessels.

All customers have the ability to enjoy the yachts with all their senses. The smell, the music, the lightening moods, the multimedia information which is shown on the walls, all the materials and surfaces should create a holistic and unique experience.


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