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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sub-Biosphere 2 Is The First Self Sustained Underwater Habitat Designed For Long Term Human, Plant, And Animal Co-habitation

If you plan on spending the rest of your life in a place where you never thought you’d end up, the Sub-Biosphere is the place for you. This amazing structure is a self sustained underwater facility designed for aquanauts, tourists and oceanographic life scientists. But the line up doesn’t stop here, the facility is also prepared to house long-term human, plant and animals co-habitation, bringing harmony into this small underwater world. The designer, Phil Pauley, fitted everything life needs to survive in the Sub-Biosphere 2. This unique underwater habitat sustains all its life support systems for fresh air, drinkable water, food, always needed electricity and other resources through it’s innovative control of variant atmospheric pressure which occurs at depth.

The Sub-Biosphere 2 is a seed bank with eight living biomes to allow human, plant and fresh water interaction, powered and controlled by the central support biome which monitors the life systems from within its own operations facility. The living biomes have docks for the ships to arrive and bring the people who will live there. The whole structure is fitted on a lift system which creates a controlled sinking for the Sub-Biosphere to do the magic of sustaining life itself. This lift system also helps the structure come back to the surface. The eight living biomes are interconnected through tubes which lead to the center biome. The Sub-Biosphere 2 is a futuristic and alternative habitat that a lot of us would consider moving into


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