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Friday, February 11, 2011

Modwells Ensures Innovative And Accurate Physical And Mental Healthcare

Modwells, an innovative healthcare system concept eliminates the traditional go-workout-and-forget theory of wellness. This is a consumer-focused complete platform for improving both the physical and mental health state of users by getting integrated with their daily life. The system is thoroughly customizable and consists of four factors, mods, trestle, accessories and a cross-platform software application.
The Mods is a biometric input/output device that is designed to be worn by the user which collects and assesses biometric and environmental data and alerts user when the data is getting off track from the user’s goal. The Trestle is the base station for Mods where it gets charged and conveys collected data through wireless connection. A set of accessories have also been designed to extend the functionality of the system. Finally, the cross platform software application enables users to study, manage and share their healthcare information according to their healthcare goal.


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