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Friday, February 11, 2011

ARKCANARY II iPhone Speaker

The yet to be released product that awaits future customer support to go into production is the Arkcanary II iPhone Speaker. Resembling the design of a gramophone, this acoustic speaker is primarily designed for the iPhone 4. The designer is aiming at creating fun product for the existing digital devices and the ARKCANARY II is one such product. This speaker is much similar to the winning ARKHIPPO I standing iPhone 4 cover. With a motto of creating environmentally friendly products for digital devices, the designer has come up with this attractive acoustic speaker design. The company would start creating this model for mass production when they get full support from the user end. It is anticipated that ARKCANARY II will be priced at $13.00. Gadget lovers who wish to add more to your existing iPhone 4 can give it a try.


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