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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The One Laptop per Child Machine XO-3 for only $75

XO-3 is a stunning touchscreen tablet device that has been scheduled to release on 2010 for the One Laptop Per Child project by Yves Behar. This innovative $75 tablet features an all plastic, extremely durable and semi-flexible body that eliminates the possibility of being cracked upon impact like the traditional glass screens. Like previous XO, the screen of XO-3 can also be optimized in both reflective and transmissive modes depending on indoor and outdoor lightingsituations. To make it serve its purpose effectively, the XO-3 is packed with kid’s learning tools such as horizontal book mode and portrait reading mode for convenient reading, multi-touch feature allows play and learn by using bare hands, a full-touch keyboard, a back facing camera, and many more.

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