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Thursday, January 20, 2011

MITRA Cylindrical Shaped Portable PC Contains A Built-In Projector For Convenient Presentation

Whenever attending a meeting, I always have to carry a heavy laptop and an even heavier projector from my office to the venue, so I know very well how it really feels. Wish I could have a MITRA micro pc that features a compact and battery torch shaped look with great functional opportunities. This small PC contains a roll out LCD that actually is a set of solar panels that generates energy from the sunlight and stores the surplus energy in the onboard battery for emergency use. Also, it comprises hand crank charging facility which gives 30 minutes of use through rotating crank for 30 times only. The built-in LED projector is another unique feature of the PC concept that gives convenient presentation alternatives. This PC was specially designed for Indian rural areas where online teaching, online medical treatment or online help for rural farmers can have significant effect on the entire country’s development and MITRA is the most efficient alternative considering the country’s overall aspects.

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