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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Kitchen Hideaway Design

Nowadays, virtual reality is nothing but an advanced technological means of fun and enjoyment, at best, for playing games and some top level trainings, but who told that this tactile way of communication can’t be implemented for the good of our everyday life?

The Kitchen Hideaway is made of two key parts, one is the head set and another is the fully automated remote kitchen, uses virtual reality to create a computer generated kitchen from where users can transfer their thoughts to the remote kitchen which prepares the meal with real ingredients and deliver them to the user. This automated food factory can be placed at a specific part of a residential building which eliminates the need of individual kitchen for every house, providing more usable space inside. This innovative means of cooking gives user the alternative to customize their kitchen and enables even the physically disabled person to become an expert chef. Don’t feeling like cooking? No problem at all, tell the kitchen to prepare your previously saved recipe and have your preferred meal delivered in no time.

The Kitchen Hideaway Makes Cooking Fun Through Combining Virtual Reality With Real Life


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