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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dual Pod Transport Is A Two Wheeler With Off-Road Capabilities

I would definitely drive this vehicle on every hill I can find to see if the suspension system is better than the ones we are familiar with. This amazing piece of engineering and design is called Dual Pod Transport vehicle, and it has only two wheels. It’s like a motorcycle with a roof. But it’s not a motorcycle, it’s a car with two wheels. So we ask ourselves how is it able to hold its balance? Well, the designer, by the name of Ryan David Francis, came with a very interesting answer. He designed the wheels wide enough for the car to stabilize itself. The foot print is generous and it offers stability on various types of terrain.
The Dual Pod is based on two non-pneumatic wheels that are constructed from a system of splined flexible blades. Being constructed in this manner, the wheels also act as the car suspension without the help of traditional air, springs or oil shocks. Being a vehicle with just two wheels, the steering had to be reinvented. So, the gyro-metric pivot points of the wheels are located above a reversed racked axle, that enhances the vehicles omni-directional steering capabilities. This amazing vehicle is powered by an electric motor , which receives its energy from the photovoltaic solar cells on the upper back portion of the vehicle’s windscreen. I must say, I wish it had two different body shells, one with standard doors, and one without. A two wheeledbuggy. Imagine driving like a maniac up steep slopes, tasting dirt, feeling the breeze and having fun.

Dual Pod Transport Is A Two Wheeler With Off-Road Capabilities


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