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Saturday, January 8, 2011

GlucoGrip Detects Your Blood Sugar Level and Leaves No Scratches on Your Skin

GlucoGrip is a high-tech concept kit for detecting blood sugar, specially designed to avoid additional medical instrumentation expenses by combining agronomy and technology in a simple and easily manageable way. This single device incorporates lancing and blood analyzer, reducing the timing and gestures for the collection through one object at your fingertips. The smart needles that are used to get the required blood drop are optimized by interchangeable disks which leave no scratches on the skin. The intuitive interface of GlucoGrip allows the user to manage it easily and get results through pictogram status tracking system. It features a logbook where users can store their day to day readings for further review of their health condition progress.

Life Science and Medical Design


saifullah said...

life science and medical design beautiful

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