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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Desk Phone Dock Ensures Smarter Use of iPhone by Featuring Stylish and Handy Features

It’s really depressing when users look at their conventional wired desk phones when they are as smart as using the latest iPhone as their key communication device. The innovative desk phone dock eliminates the need of traditional desk phone by integrating the iPhone with the dock, making it stylish enough to meet the iPhone user’s dignity. Moreover, the desk phone dock will enable the users to get rid of several phones and their hectic wires on their desk by simplifying the entire communication system with ultimate convenience. No more missed calls when you are not in office, neither any effort will require managing answering machine messages. This phone dock can house any version of iPhone, with or without case and features a reed switch that makes it easy to switch from speaker phone to handset mode and vice versa. No need to worry about charging the battery anymore, the phone dock will keep the iPhone fully charged via the integrated adapter box while using either of them.

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saifullah said...

Desk Phone Design nice

M. Waqas Adeel Hashmi said...

what a nice blog.

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