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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Future Self Serving Banking (ATM)

The future of self serving banking is not about fully automated robotic teller. We know that modern ATM machines offer a wide range of banking transaction, but it’s not enough. Perhaps the future of self serving banking is about humanized the machine to understand its customers much better. Spanish bank BBVA asked IDEO to rethink their self service channel from scratch in 2007. So, IDEO started to do research by listening really carefully to people talking about their banking experience, finding clues how to make their experience better. The result is the vision for a totally new self service experience, an ATM built from user up rather than components down. You probably wonder how to make an ATM machine more human, well, one of great features is personalization menus based on your past banking transaction. You can see the video for more details.

Future Self Serving Banking (ATM)


saifullah said...

Future Self Serving Banking (ATM)

sim only plans said...

ya ya, everything is going to be like this future...,

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