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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Citroën Lacoste Concept

Citroën and Lacoste have worked together to create stylish, funky, and creative transportation. Citroën Lacoste Concept is a unique car design as the result of two big names sharing the same vision. Lacoste, a famous French clothing brand has added fashionable touch in this car design. They will unveil the car at the forthcoming Paris Motor show. You can see from the photos that the styling details of this car are based on direct reference to the clothing world of Lacoste brand. The seat’s style and the seatbelt anchorage points are similar to a polo shirts. This door-less concept car is going to give you a new experience in adventure with style.

Citroën Lacoste Concept Is Your Stylish and Fashionable Future Transportation


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