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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watch Design

Vain Watch – Cool Transparent Watch in Your Hand

Vain Watch from Tao Ma. Time is vain, but Vain Watch show the time on your skin, it looks like futuristic and cool. With several different LED color, the ability to increase brightness, you can also display Chinese time with vain watch.

CellWatch M500 – A Watch and A Cell Phone

Everyone was designing a watch phone with hope we already used it by now. Well, one of designs might come true and we can wear it soon, CellWatch M500, the world’s smallest mobile watch. The initial release took place in November last year and hopefully, the product will be available again in March 2008 (according to mymobilewatch). Designed by SMS Technology Australia, CellWatch M500 has features like sms functionality, OLED touchscreen, bluetooth, mp3, video playback, 128 MB Memory. Will we reach the future ? Let’s wait Marc 2008.
Presto 2008 – An Hourglass Watch

The beauty of hourglass reflected in this Presto 2008 watch concept. if you are bored with the new modern watch design, than this watch concept can be a good medicine for you. Inspired by hourglass, Presto 2008 gives you a new way of reading time.


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