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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watch Design

Zenith Defy Xtreme Watch Collections Waterproof at 1000 meters

A luxury watch from Zenith, defy xtreme watch features a multi-layered see-through structure composed of shock-resistant transparent Hesalite glass, Carbon fiber layer and varnished dial plate. Black titanium case and bracelet with Kevlar inserts, high-temperature resistance and a position sensitive gyroscope cage Tourbillon designed to enhance accuracy. The striking design’s gyroscope cage tourbillon and constant horizontal escapement is a feature which means the mechanism avoids the effects of gravity

Say Time Watch Concept That Displays Sentences

Another innovative idea from Tao Ma, “Say Time Watch” is a concept where a watch can give you warm sentences instead of time. You can create words that describe each specific time, change the color and the type of font the way you like it. You can write “it’s 5 pm, time to go home” and set the watch to display it at 5:00 pm. Each sentences can be edited or inserted using usb line connected to a computer. My question is, from the picture you can see that the user setup the sentences for each hour, what about at for e.g. : 5:15pm, what will the watch display for me? is it the same sentences ? I prefer if this watch has the ability to actually display the time, and make the warm sentences display as an optional features.


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