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Friday, March 11, 2011

Triclo : Innovative Tricycle Concept for Urban Environment

The Triclo is an innovative tricycle concept, featuring the functionality of a paddling tricycle, while offering the outlook of a futuristic transportation means. This vehicle is designed to make room for one person only and comprises paddles with a convenient sitting arrangement. The Triclo has a steering wheel instead of conventional tricycle handles and an innovative and unique rear wheel setup. It features a shade over the driver that will let the driver protected from the sun and mild rain.
Randall words about Triclo:

Triclo is a conceptual design of what a tricycle can be in a urban environment. It uses an organic forms and contemporary trend. Balance in visual volume and mass. Using arrays and knots was the basis for the formal development and geometric design.

The concept was: low material vs. high volume

The design is targeted for a younger market but can be used by adults too. The idea was to create a tricycle with a diferent look to capture the attention of people and thus encourage exercise. At the same time the concept of design is important to not use much material in the product and reduce costs.

A tricycle is more than a bicycle but less than a motorbike, but this tricycle has almost a cab, this protects of the sun and rain to the user. Therefore, that is its advantage over a motorcycle that somehow is to approach a car. Maybe this way, providing superior comfort offered by a bicycle or even a conventional tricycle, is a way for people interested in using the product and increasing exercise in the population. The design is targeted for a younger market but can be used by adults too.

The materials were designed to be recycled once they finish their service life. There are variety of colors to suit all tastes.

1800 x 1500 x 1100 mm.

Maximum capacity:
180 Kg.


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