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Friday, March 25, 2011

This Exquisite Table Lamp Does Not Only Bring Light Into Your House But It Also Acts As A Floor Standing Clock

The beautiful and simple shape of this lamp created by Daniel Love, will bring peace into your home. It relaxes the eyes with its upside down L-shape and two color tones. The lamp uses two fluorescent tubes, one white and one red. Here’s where it gets interesting, the designer didn’t use the two different light colors just for design, they are for the interesting feature the lamp has been enhanced with. This lamp has the ability to show you the time. By hosting light as an interesting creation, the attributes of light can be further exploited by having two fluorescent tubes acting as the short and long hands of a floor standing clock. In his creation, Daniel, prevented the strong glare of the fluorescent tubes, by housing them in metal tubing.

When night falls and the surrounding darkens, the light goes into action. The metal housing of the tubes is outlined by the light, showing the silhouettes of the hands. This clock can be easily read, just as a normal analog clock. It’s not only an outstanding view, but it’s also useful. The two colors of the fluorescent tubes have their saying now. The red tube represents the short hand of the clock. The white represents the long hand. This outstanding lamp fits in any home, apartment, office, hotel room or you name it, regardless of the interior design, due to its dual usability. Daniel Love did an incredible job, giving an ordinary table lamp a new feature and usability.


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