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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tag-Heuer Formula 1 Watch Gives User The Same Elegance Of Driving A Mercedes Benz

TAG-Heuer Formula 1 watch concept has been designed aiming to align with the Formula 1 team, the McLaren-Mercedes, for which TAG-Heuer has been working as a watch brand for the last 25 years. This is why, the shape and appearance of the watch contains so much essence of Mercedes-Benz racing cars and Formula 1. The bright red inlet on the arms of the watch gives it an effect of racing cars and the two buttons placed on both sides of the Mercedes logo release the strap, giving a feel like opening the door of the cars with a simple push. Both the arms of the watch concept are placed on great cogwheels, making them rotate while remaining connected to the rim unlike traditional rotation around the center. To make it versatile, the designer has left the option of rubber and metal strap with the watch to choose from.


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