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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Rider Lounge Chair Is A Breakthrough Of Conventional Uncomfortable And Unstylish Formal Chairs

For some weird reason, we have adopted a common perception that a formal chair always has to be formal, I mean, stiff, tough and non-flexible, something that only can be sit on and do the regular tasks. Spring rider lounge chair concept has been designed to turn an office environment into a more enjoyable and fashionable one by featuring a sleek and chic appearance and comfortable qualities. Two embossed aluminum sheet, being welded together and polished and tinted, forms the outer shell. Unlike conventional chairs, the spring rider features a strong and balanced steel spring in place of usual vertical beams, giving a unique look to the chair and comfortable swinging feel to the users. Inside the sphere shaped chair, black swayed later has been lined to make it super-comfy which is being enhanced by the white leather made pillow.


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