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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SOLARIS : Eco Friendly Sun Shading System For Outdoor Public Spaces

SOLARIS is a sun shading system which uses solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces. It allows you to work/study in outdoor places such as caf├ęs, parks, and beaches by creating a shaded area and providing a power source for electronic devices. SOLARIS aims to promote new experiences and habits for a more sustainable and socially inclusive city landscape.

SOLARIS has 6 “wings”, each with two photovoltaic panels, which revolve around a central column for easy stowing. When opened, the wings work as a sunshade, with photovoltaic cells that charge a set of batteries in the base. In the central column there is a LED display power indicator. Three electrical sockets are available in the base, for charging portable computers, cell phones or any kind of electronic devices. A silicone shock absorbing colored strip at the base protects the structure and creates an electrical neutral area with a handle for transportation.


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