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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Smellfree Compost Bin : The Ultra Efficient Odorless Compost Bin Concept

It’s every home maker’s nightmare of trashing the trash but the new concept design trash can is some thing that should take care of these worries. Named as Ultra Efficient Odorless Compost Bin designed by Industrial designer Joe Brunton ensures that the waste material don’t stink inside the bin but the organic waste recycles itself by the use of carbon filter technology which dries up the decomposing waste while preventing the malodorous ammonia to enter kitchen. These filters are replaceable which need to be changed every six months thus ensuring the functionality of product as well as that of the process. A good practical thought for sure.
Joe explanations :
This projects aim was to encourage people to recycle their own organic waste at home. One reason why this wasn’t happening was because the compost decomposes and creates an unpleasant smell; this is caused by wet compost and high nitrogen / ammonia levels.

The “Smellfree” compost bin uses carbon filters to dry out the waste and lower the nitrogen levels so even when you lift the lid of the bin the compost will not fume out your kitchen whilst also making it much more efficient. The bin will take between 1 and 2 weeks to fill. This is if the organic material going into the bin is chopped to a reasonable size, also making the compost process more productive.

The main body is 300mm high and with the lid its 400mm. This was set so it could be easily kept on a kitchen work surface or be cleaned in a standard dishwasher. The body can come in any colour, and even with custom print to make it more desirable to the consumer.


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