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Friday, March 4, 2011

Relaxation Bath Provides A Form of Relaxation During Taking A Bath

Relaxation Bath is an active rehabilitation bath concept that features variable volume of water to provide an enjoyable form of relaxation during taking a bath. This concept has been designed to smoothly and continually change its shape accordingly to the user’s body shape and movements. In this bath the user can experience an exclusive feeling of bathing on a waving floor, while gets comfortable massage from the soft and gentle surface. The concept features a series of hydraulic posts that goes down when they gets pressure from a particular part of the user’s body and goes up when the pressure releases through his or her movements.

Explanation from Petr:
The exhibit is an active relaxation and rehabilitation bath with special features that permit the changeability of water volume (0-410 L) and provides a pleasant form of relaxation due to its continual and smooth changes to the ergonomical shape of the structure. The bottom contour of the bath adjusts in order to conform to the required position and height of the user. The various geometrical changes to the shape enables the bath to be “shortened” for example, creating a backing for the legs in order to maximize on comfort.
For the purpose of saving on water consumption, one can simply change the depth of the bath so it becomes shallow or select a shape that is most suitable for the user. The changes to the shape of the bath floor can be modified & readjusted anytime. Another wonderful trait of the bath is that it is equally convenient for bathing children, because one can adjust a safe depth of bath, reducing risk of drowning as well as being equipped with soft finish of the base. In addition to creating minimal dimensions, the bath itself can be used as a baby changing table. Getting in and out of the bath tub is simple and effortless. There’s no need to climb over edges of the bath. This way, it is beneficial for people with physical disability or those completely immobile.
Uniquely, in this bath we can experience an unmissable feeling of soft, rippling of the bath floor during bathing or when having a massage. This is a new form of relaxation which we can daringly refer to as “kinetic therapy”. The type of technology used forms system of 10 pneumatic pistons (compressed air powering pistons) and includes inclinable segments covered with soft upholstery. This lining creates a pleasant feeling without causing pressure on the body even in the case when the bath is low filled or during the filling or draining of the bath tub. The movable segments are covered by special, highly elastic, hygienic and strong foil (used in the concept of BMW Gina. The geometric shape of the head rest can be partially changed and is also made from movable structures, covered in flexible foil. The type of material`s used are synthetic rock (e.g. ceramics, plastic shroud), glass, elastic foil.

Other systems used are classic hydro/air massaging jets capable of being rotated and powered by electric motor. The connection to mains water supply, water outlet, air and hydro massage jet is through flexible hosing. The bottom of the tub is sealed and the whole base can be raised or lowered over a flat surface of the inner side-panels of the bath. That is how water tightness is ensured.

Everything is controlled electronically with a remote control. As a result, it is possible to select filling/draining of the bath, change water temperature, adjust hydro/air massage settings (duration, intensity, cycle program) and change the shape of the bath floor whit comfortably resting in the bath tub. This is done with the help of sensor button on the display of a remote control. The geometry of the bath can be altered simply by means of accessing touch display screen on the remote control. Naturally, the program remembers previous settings and if the conditions allow, the bath immediately fulfills the command of the user. Simultaneously however, whilst making the change, the height of the water surface, its volume and temperature as well as the total water consumption is electronically monitored.


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