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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phoenix Vehicle Design with Central Kinetic Axis to Generate The Power

The new Phoenix concept designed by Sergio Loureiro, a Royal College of Art student in London, is some piece of work. This aerodynamic beauty is a sports car which runs on electricity with the overall concept being of reducing energy consumption. This is achieved as the vehicle adopts the alternate energy regeneration system inspired by technology used in dance floors. Here car has a central kinetic axis which with the movement of the vehicle generates power. The car is a complete beauty not just design wise but in motion as it puts to use the kinetic laws of physics for its basic functioning. So, one can say that it’s one piece of art.
Sergio says “Outside the car industry technologies have been developed in order to regenerate power, like kinetic watches, wind turbine, geothermic energy absorption even a sustainable dance floor is developed that regenerates the energy from the bouncing of the floor.

Around those ideas I designed a car with a central kinetic axis that generates the power of the movement as the vehicle turns like two attached motorbikes.

Second, I thought electrical cars should be designed aiming for sensations and not for speed in order to preserve the batteries longer. At high speed the battery range drop considerably, so this vehicle would provide sensations at lower speeds.

Drivers that have lived in a virtual computer game word that want to drive a vehicle closer to a spaceship, something that can provide them with different sensations.”


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