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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pathfinders Ensures Quick And Efficient Sea Floor Roaming For Aiding Transatlantic Seafloor Research

If our future generation still relies on Jason Junior or JJ, the underwater video capturing machine used for discovering sunk Titanic on 1986, that needed to be connected with a cable and operated from another ship on the sea surface, it certainly would not be able to bring out expected result. Pathfinders transatlantic seafloor research concept has been designed with all the facilities and abilities that is expected to be able to find even Captain Nemo’s Nautilus one day.

Pathfinders innovative underwater vehicle has been designed to roam on the oceans floor up to a standard depth of 4000+ meters or 2.5 miles in the quickest possible time. This creation will certainly enhance the interaction between human and mysterious, unexplored under water ocean world. The vehicle is powered by electric energy through Lithium storage and is equipped with life support systems along with an emergency escape system for all three crews, the pilot, a co-pilot and a communications engineer. Pathfinders contain four wheels or tracks or a combination of them to propel through the sea floor and minimum two side propulsion devices to move it in mid-water. Finally, a support vessel will remain at the surface for control and help recovering the vehicle in case of emergency by providing crucial power and life support.


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