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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NEOS Motorbike And Modular Sidecar System Enhances Future Transportation Efficiency

Efficiency of a product is the ability to perform more than one task and when it’s a motorbike that can act as a modular sidecar, surely the outcome is something exceptional.

NEOS transportation concept has been designed for the 21st century combining the facility of a motorbike along with a modular sidecar system that features a lot of safety features, while offering enhanced essence of thrill and adventure, making it a vehicle far beyond imagination. Having an extraordinary appearance and unparallel functionality, this motorbike is able to perfectly suit in the future streets. The entire system consists of a single seater motorbike, a sidecar and storage attachment and a docking system for the sidecar pod. The vehicle includes an airbag deployment system and a safety cell for enhanced protection of the driver, while giving superior functionality for personal daily commute in the busy future street. When required an additional seating or a storage compartment, the sidecar pod can easily be attached with the motorbike for added user experience and convenience.


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