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Thursday, March 17, 2011

MoVille, Tear Drop Shaped Futuristic Car Concept with Big Grin

MoVille is a compact single passenger vehicle with artificial intelligence and zero-emission drive train. Once you look at this vehicle, you will feel that you have entered into Robot world. There are three magnetic wheels which are rotated with the help of electro magnets. For saving space in urban areas, MoVille can tilt up and down. It features wireless road network in order to connect to other vehicles and road network. With this feature, it can judge where it is located on the road and where other vehicles are. MoVille is also fully equipped with immediacy sensors, cameras, and GPS. Small size and Omni-directional wheels enable anyone to park it easily.

Text from the designer :
MoVille consists of a single passenger capsule over an electric drive train. Three magnetic ball wheels are rotated without frictionless through electromagnets. Passenger capsule is shaped in an aerodynamic teardrop shape for maximum efficiency. It also tilts up and down for saving space in urban streets and become more aerodynamic on highways.

MoVille’s compact size takes up less space in dense urban cities. Because it has a sliding window door, it is easy to get in and out of in tight spaces. The passenger capsule tilts vertically to save space on the road and pivots for getting in and out.

MoVille features wireless road networking that allows for it to communicate with other cars and the road network. It is aware of where it is on the road and where other cars are. This allows for reduced traffic jams since cars can accelerate/decelerate synchronously. It also reduces the possibility of accidents.

MoVille’s small size and omni-directional wheels means it is easy to park. Equipped with proximity sensors, cameras, and GPS, MoVille can drive and park automatically.

MoVille features an organic led display on the fa├žade that allows passengers to communicate and personalize their own cars. Because MoVille doesn’t need any headlamps, the OLED “eyes” are used for displaying vehicle status (running/charging/turn signal/etc).

MoVille has an artificial intelligence which allows it to act more like a robot than a car. MoVille recognizes its owner and opens its doors when you approach it. MoVille can drive itself allowing the passenger to save time.

Although MoVille can drive itself, it can be manually controlled with your digital devices like cellphones and portable game consoles. MoVille communicates with these devices which allow the car to be driven wirelessly. The dashboard can be retracted on demand.

MoVille has an electric drive train that uses electromagnets to rotate the ball wheels. Because there is no mechanical transmission and internal combustion engine, it is more efficient, and more reliable. MoVille’s compact body is built out of unpainted biodegradable plastic.

MoVille’s unique form factor allows it to integrate a second sliding door with integrated photovoltaic solar cells which can recharge the car’s batteries.


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