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Friday, March 11, 2011

Modern Urban Folding Bike

Genius is a modern urban folding bike, ideal for commuters who need to travel short distances of 10 to 20 minutes between underground stations, the workplace and the home. It still rolls when folded and can therefore be comfortably used even in large congested cities. The compact design of the Genius ensures unlimited mobility. It can be carried, rolled or ridden, and with its well-thought-out functional and ergonomic design and release mechanism it is easy to handle. The aerodynamic look of the Genius makes it clear that this is not a child?s bike. Its three gears provide the necessary speed, and the bike can be unfolded and refolded within three seconds thanks to a convenient kick-bar and push-down / pull-up handle system. Made of aluminum (80 per cent) and stainless steel (10 per cent) it is lightweight, stable and 90 per cent recyclable.


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