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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mini Cooper S Clubman Airstream Lounge Concept

The smart Mini Cooper S Clubman Airstream Lounge Concept has been designed to add a little fancy to the old trailer park. Its is a very exciting news for surfers as the prestigious BMW has included the term “surfer-dude” in a corporate press release. The interior features new interpretations of boat-deck floor boards, SCUBA gear and a surfboard up top. Inspired and designed from a spectacle of style Airstream offers space that easily envelops a lounge with evocative-mod furniture and wall folding flat vibrant as a sunning deck. The graphics is inspired from the Clubman and groomed by hi-end machined stabilizers, and to create a comely wet-suit look a lovely coat of satin paint is overhauled over its polished finished.


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