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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mimique Marries the Old-School Cell Phone with Next-Generation Style and Touch-Screen Technology

With new and new models and various features of cell phones coming in the market it is hard to choose the best of all. Many of the people do not prefer heavy cell phones. Mimique is the answer to all the prayers of the people who hate heavy cell phones. These cell phones look more like a PDA than a cell phone. Mimique has the tradition of the old school cell phones but yet has a touch of modernisms.
With so many features in it and especially the down loadable up grades, users will never have the need to buy a new cell phone in order to get new features. The “skins” present in it allows the user to change the graphics interface to match their mood or preferences. With the Mimique cell phones, it will open a new phase in anybody’s life who ever will use it, especially with the download features and the “skins”.


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