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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mazda Nagare Concept

The one that I like the most about the future is car, it’s amazing how people design a very futuristic design and not so little can make it happen, some even already have the prototype. Now let’s see about Mazda Nagare concept from Mazda, the word itself pronounced as “na-ga-reh”, this cool car was first shown at the Greater Los Angeles Internation Auto Show, and also as the first series of design concepts that Mazda will show in this global auto show season.Laurens Van Den Acker as Mazda’s new global design director, the team was challenged to invent a means of registering motion in vehicles, and Nagare was born, the meaning of its name is flowing (in Japanese), this design achieves the goal also signaling a fresh design of future Mazda vehicles.


chicago 2011 mazda 2 said...

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