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Friday, March 4, 2011

Luminarium Can Enhance The Experience Of Outdoor Parties By Creating Dancing Lights

Ever imagined a party surrounded by toilets and the participants are still enjoying it with great fun? I guess you are pretty confused already, thinking why leaving the entire world aside I am relating toilets with a pleasurable party. Well to create this twist, I haven’t mentioned the word intentionally in the title.

Luminarium is a portable toilet cubicle cluster concept that boosts the excitement of outdoor parties creating a delightful and soothing environment through lighting the area with OLED lamps. Moreover, the intensity of the OLED changes with the beat of the music through sound sensors which give them an appearance such that they are dancing with the music. The key objective of the project was to make people rethink about the toilet which is always an afterthought issue, to make it an integrated fixture for outdoor parties to enhance the experience.


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